Mademoiselle Will Mess Around

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latest:Chapter 148



'To revenge is one thing. To conquer the bossy president is another.' Tong Yue has witnessed her mother's death in childhood. The nightmare still hunts her over years. This time she comes back to the Tong's mansion and swear she will take what belonged to her back. However, Han Tianlin, the most wealthy man in Long City, appears in her life. Tong Yue considers it a great idea to make use of him. But smart as Han Tianlian, would he be played around? What would he do when he finds out the plan of his tricky mademoiselle? What Bad Intentions Can the Miss Harbor? / 大小姐能有什么坏心眼呢 / What Bad Intentions Can the Miss Harbor? / What Bad Intentions Can the Eldest Miss Have? / What Evil Schemes Can the Eldest Lady Plan? / Young Miss Bad Intentions


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