The Duke’S Dark Lady

class:manga Yuin

latest:Chapter 21


Estelle, the illegitimate child of a duke, grew up under harsh abuse despite being the most powerful saintess the world had ever seen. All her life, she tried to earn the love of those around her, only to end up being betrayed and sacrificed to the devil. She suffered in hell for 600 years, but then, one day... [Do you want revenge?] [If you want, I’ll let you shine the brightest. How?] She suddenly heard the whisper of the devil. And Estelle, her soul broken beyond repair, decided to take his hand. Returning from hell, she stole the body of the youngest daughter of the empire’s greatest house of Garnet. Now it is time to bring devastating destruction to all those who betrayed her. “I will take everything from my enemies and let them face the worst death”


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