Engide Iikara Tabetekure

class:manga Hizunaru

latest:Chapter 4


Rookie actor Naoto joins a theatrical company following the actor he admires, Non. Moreover, he was chosen to play the role of this lover in their new boys love performance! The characters are 'lovers,' so there are kiss scenes in the play. He's too nervous to act a kissing scene with the troupe's poster actor well...!!! Nonomiya wants to help him, and proposes that they treat each other like lovers until the performance. Since then, he's been overly sweet and kind... but when they practice kissing, he comes on to Naoto with such wild seductiveness that he feels as if he's going to be 'devoured'. Seeing Non's manly expression for the first time lights Naoto's body on fire... The way he bites his tongue and sucks on it during kissing, his burning gaze... the curtains to a time-limited love open.


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