The Tasty Florida: The Recipe Of Love

class:manga Kim Yong Kyu,,Sibiwol,,Cheese (Ii),,Kim Hanhee

latest:Chapter 19


Haewon Shin, 20 years old, finally escapes from his three nagging sisters when he gets into a college in Seoul. With his dream to hook up with an attractive guy at a club, he rents a small studio apartment and begins to look for the right guy--and he succeeds. Not only that, he even has the most wonderful one-night stand with him! However, when the guy hears that Haewon majors in culinary art, he makes a suspicious run out of the room. Meanwhile, the studio that seemed so perfect turns out to have a loud neighbor upstairs. Unable to take the noise any longer, Haewon heads upstairs to confront the matter, only to find that upstairs is not an apartment but a bustling restaurant popular on social media. To Haewon's surprise, he encounters his dreamy one-night stand working there as a chef! But what could be the reason he's giving Haewon the cold shoulder...?


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